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function on each element of an array


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Can somebody explain me, why is necessary to write:

childTD[i].addEventListener("click", function(){changeColor(this);});

and not just:

childTD[i].addEventListener("click", changeColor(this));

Here is the whole code:

var ParentTable = document.getElementById("mytable");var childTD = ParentTable.getElementsByTagName("td");for(i=0;i<childTD.length;i++) {	childTD[i].addEventListener("click", function(){changeColor(this);});}function changeColor(element) {	element.style.backgroundColor="red";}

Thanks a lot!

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What value does "this" have in that context?


You probably should just use the event object that's passed to the function instead:

childTD[i].addEventListener("click", changeColor);
function changeColor(e) {  var element = e.target;  element.style.backgroundColor="red";}
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