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CSS: Table in the center of the page

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Hello, i am currently using this to make my table appear in the center.<table align="center">...When i look, it works, but the validator suggests to use CSS. I have tried some things like:<table style="align:center"><table style="text-align:center">But none of them seem to work.



What am i doing wrong?Thanks in advance! =D

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If single table

<table id="table1">
<table class="table01">
Between <head>....</head>
<style type="text/css">/* '.' Period is for class refefence '.table01', '#' for id reference '#table01' */.table01 { width:95%; margin: 0 auto; }</style>
or external style sheet, just
.table01 {width:95%; margin: 0 auto;}
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