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show a web page after offline

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I want my visitor can review my webpage even offline if they visit it allrady

I want my browser first check if internet is connected so renew my web page

and if internet is disconected. browser show a last view of it.


I find this metoth if it help me

My webpage is "peage2.html" and contain some file(offline.css offline.js pot.jpg)


i set manifest as below

<html lang = "en" manifest = "cache.manifest">

and this is my "cache.manifest"

CACHE MANIFEST# MMM2offline.cssoffline.jspot.jpgNETWORK:*

my problem is when i use this method all thing will FREEZ

(even when I conected to internet and I call my page and refrish and f5 or ctrl+F5 but it show the old view.)

note:these files will be freez:





till I change and edite my cache.manifest


I haven't prbomlem with freezing and caching these files



but I need main file ("peage2.html") save and cach only for show and use on offline case

and if I be online browser Renew my peage2.html (it's text and html) by "F5".


in normaly case if we be offline and call a webpage , the browser show "can not find server" error or "you are offline" error


as you see in "cache.manifest" I don't write the main file name (peage2.html) but it freez too

what can I to do?


thank for your time


I get pardon for my gramer and diction



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