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how many connections for several queries

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This is my situation


If variable $conn has all variables (with a value)

     $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);

and then you use


and the output would be null of all the values of $conn.


What would it mean?


Am I right the connection then needs to be re-established?


I'm doing 2 queries on a database. First query is SHOW TABLES then make the user choose a table value. From this value a new query is done.


So first connection is done.


But can I use this connection or should I make a new one?

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var_dump just prints information about the variable, in that case it will print information about the mysqli object you created. It doesn't change the variable. You can use the same connection for as many queries as you want in a single request. Once the request ends then the connection will automatically close, you can't save connections between requests.

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