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Couple of issues with published site.

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Greetings, I'm having a couple of problems with my published site. I'd also like to say that I'm a complete newbie in HTML, CSS etc.

  1. Fonts won't show
  2. MP4 videos won't play

The font I'm using is GFSBodoniClassic-regular. It was originally .otf and then I converted it to .woff. The particular font only works with Greek.

This is how the page should look(when I'm testing the site in my PC, it looks right).



This is how it looks on cpanel hostinger(what I'm using to publish it)



The pages are all encoded in UTF-8.

This is the code I'm using:

@font-face {    font-family: bodoni;	src: url(GFSBodoniClassic-regular.woff);}p {    font-family: bodoni;	color:white;	font-size: 130%;}h1 {   font-family: bodoni;   color:brown;}

I have everything together in my FileManager2, all in the same folder. How come it doesn't show on the published site?


2. MP4 vids won't play.(i'm using Google Chrome btw)

Code I'm using:

<video width="800" height="500" controls><source src="germanyvidmetanastes8.mp4" type="video/mp4"></source></video>

Thanks for anyone taking the time to help. Any ideas?

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Check paths, check that lowercase uppercase of filename matches, as windows can be more forgiving in that area, but on a proper web server its completely different. do you have proper doctype? it would probably be better to supply link to site.


Are you using a editor that saves file as UTF-8 encoded automatically, notepad does not do this, unless you specifically choose to change it manually on saving.

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