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Multiligual Folder, File, and DB Names

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As you all know, it is recommended to give folders, files, and the DB less obvious names for extra security. For the above, as well as for username and password associated with website access, I am thinking of giving each name a mix of letters and numbers of multiple languages, hoping to face no problems using charset=utf-8 in all pages, css, js, and DB. Do you consider this to be an acceptable approach or there could be drawbacks I am not aware of?

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I would advise against using anything but alphanumeric characters for files, folders and table names. Hyphens and underscores can be used where needed.


Other characters are dependent on the character encoding that is used to create and access the resource. The same character could be represented in multiple different ways.

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It depends, if you have basic website where files are placed in hierarchical folders you would need these to be SEO friendly. For more advanced sites this would not be a problem, such as MVC, because you can define the hierarchical structure without the physical need to create each folder.

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