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How to show custom page to non logged-in/registered users


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I have a website script built with php, html, css and javascript. I want to show custom page to non logged-in/registered users and after they login, they should go to index page or you can say dashboard.


Currently a visitor goes directly to index page with login or register options. My website's index.php and template's index.html files are attached.


Moreover, I would appreciate if anyone can tell me how can I bootstrap my website (ugintl.move.pk). I guess it is the template which needs to be modified. template folder's snap also attached.


Waiting for a helpful reply :Pleased:index.html index.phppost-191842-0-32097900-1448034989_thumb.png

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I guess you should have kept it simple and straight. I found this and it worked.

<?php    // First execute a common code to connect to the database and start the session    require("includes/common.php");        // At the top of the page check to see whether the user is logged in or not    if(empty($_SESSION['user']))    {        // If they are not, redirect them to the login page.        header("Location: login.php");                // Remember that this die statement is absolutely critical.  Without it,        // people can view your members-only content without logging in.        die("Redirecting to login.php");    }
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