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How to aligned the field labels and field items


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I have four fields: When, Start, How long, Number Of people.


Field Name - When Field Wrapper Class - When_R

Field Name - Start Field Wrapper Class - Start_R

Field Name - How long Field Wrapper Class - HowLong_R

FIeld Name - Number Of people Field Wrapper Class - NumberOfPeople_R



 <div class="When_R">
  <label> ... </label>

  <div class="webform-container-inline webform-datepicker">
 <div class="Start_R">
  <label> ... </label>
  <select> ... </select>

<div class="HowLong_R">
    <label> ... </label>
  <select> ... </select>
 <div class="NumberOfPeople_R ">
  <label> ...</label>

How can I place all the labels to the left and all the fields to the right? I like to see all the labels and fields aligned straight.


Can you please help?

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