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Hi all,

I am looking for the best way (coding) to create a simple where I could get:

- some Linux services status;

- get my MySQL server/database status as well as query some table getting the total of records based on a specific column; and

- query my LDAP server to get the total of records based on a specific attribute.

I have all these information collected by a shell script, but I would like to have them on my browser (a single page were I could have all these information together without the need to connect to my server to run the script manually).

I have good networking background and I have good logic, but my web coding references are not so good (what should I use? Perl? PHP? Asp? ????????).

Could someone let me know what is the best coding language that I should use to create this tool?

Best regards,


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If you already have it working as a shell script, then you could have that script output the results to a text file and then have a script using any of the languages you mentioned read that text file and format it as a web page. You could run the shell script as a cron job to have it automatically update the text file periodically. You can also use something like PHP to run a shell script.

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