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Crop in the place and prevent multiple time


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Hi Again, thanks for anyone read or help me figure this issue, i got this tutorial from here , please click and check


how can i make when


  1. users click crop only the result crop images in the box
  2. prevent user only 1 click


i knew why users can click crop multiple time and results multiple images too cause this script


line 62 from index.html

 $('#btnCrop').on('click', function(){
          var img = cropper.getDataURL()
      $('.cropped').append('<img src="'+img+'">');

Any one please guide me

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With jQuery you can use the off method to remove an event handler that you added with the on method. You'll need to make the event handler a regular function instead of an anonymous function though. You can also just use a variable to keep track of whether they already ran that function and only run it once.

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