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iFrame Problem


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<object type="text/html" data="http://www.anatoliajournal/atad" style="width:100%; height:100%; margin:0%;"> </object>
<iframe src="http://www.anatoliajournal/atad"></iframe>

Hello, I have a problem about iframes. When I try to embed "http://www.anatoliajournal.com/atad" code into my another website, it is not working. There is a blank div arising. Also I coded this site and there is no xframe stuff. Also I am coding the new site in localhost but I embed some of my another sites like " http://www.interdisciplinaryconference.org/" with the same code, and it is working in local host. These two sites are going to be in the same server but different domains. I dont know how to solve this.


In this new site, there is a header and a footer. And I try to embed "http://www.anatoliajournal.com/atad" in a div inside body. Actually I am trying to create something like a roof site. These other sites are continuing to work under their own domains but also at the same time they can be reachable under roof site. Maybe this new site is going to be a transitional site till coding a integrated one.


Can you give me a solution to embed "http://www.anatoliajournal.com/atad" into a div of an another site. Also I have tried <embed> codes and ajax.


Thank you.

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The code is such a mess that I would be surprised if you did not have trouble with it.


A transitional doctype guarantees issues cross-browser and cross device.


There are not just validation errors; but it is full of junk like inline styles that just puts trash all over the place to get in the way of maintenance. If you wrote it then you should spend a little time learning basics by access the tutorials on the site. If you paid someone to write it for you, then you were swindled. If you just cut and pasted it together from stuff you found on the internet, then you need to throw it out and start over with at least a valid structure after you learn the basics.


As it stands trying to solve any problem on the existing code is like trying to swim across a rushing river while wearing lead boots; you are just going to sink and not get where you need to be.

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