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how to setup open_basedir.


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hey guys so i want to do this right no mistakes i need some help.

I have one hosting account that i use to host multiple sites (Separate folders).

id like to make it so if say a "website" in one folder got hacked they cannot access files in another websites folder.

I was told open_basedir for each directory is what i need.

Id like to protect each main folder listed in "HostedSites" as a separate site. (Website 1,2,3,4,5,)
as well as my own main sites listed in public_html. (Shop, Forum, Demo)

also is there a way to automatically set open_dir to any new site added into "HostedSites" folder.

and id set the setting in a php.ini file and save in ect folder so it cannot be accessed or changed in-case of any vulnerabilities to my system correct?


each site can be accessed 3 ways if that makes a difference.

Addon Domain: Website_1.com
Main Domain: mysite.com/HostedSites/Website_1
Subdomain: Website_1.mysite.com

Here is sample of my directory structure.


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