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XML Error in Parsing - Bad UTF-8 Encoding Encountered


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I use jabber xml with encoding UTF-8.


And I tried to find out about like what the example xml parsing which can make the jabber server gives me info "Error in Parsing : Bad UTF-8 Encoding encountered" if i send it to the others, because I get that notification many time and my xml console can not read that xml with bad utf-8 and always get disconnect from the server while some user send to me before i can read it, so i will never know like what that xml parsing with bad utf-8, i already try to read that using many jabber client which have xml console but still same, still disconnect and only give me the notification "Error in Parsing : Bad UTF-8 Encoding Encountered".


If anyone can help me to give me an example, using the xml below become xml with Bad UTF-8 and i hope can make the jabber server gives info "Error in Parsing : Bad UTF-8 Encoding encountered" that is realy help my project to upgrade my software ?


<presence to="mike@jabber.ru" ver="0.8.1440.1131 (en)"><priority>100</priority><c xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/caps" node="http://bombusmod.net.ru/caps" ver="GRREviyyjLzK2wK4QLX5NNF9FmQ=" hash="sha-1"/></presence>


Thank You Before.

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