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Your reference does not say it's incorrect to put lists inside a navigation region. My references, however, made it clear it was at least not incorrect. From your sources all I can see is "we don't know". I don't see any definitive prohibition for that structure.


As long as we don't know, nobody can claim that something is definitively the right or wrong way to do it, and this is why beginners need not be involved in the debate.

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I'm by no means an expert in any of this, but my personal opinion is that if you are going to use a multi level navigation like Ingolme has already mentioned, then it would seem beneficial to use nested <ul> elements. It would also seem beneficial to me, to use the <nav> tag and so far I don't know of anywhere that explicitly precludes the use of <ul> in it.


Perhaps we should stop debating what is or isn't the correct way of using the <nav> tag and suggest some areas where the OP could improve their code?


On another note, I think the OP was asking for constructive criticism. There are other ways of telling someone how they can improve something without jumping down their throat. I find people are more inclined to learn and remember information with a nurturing approach.

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