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Why isn't cookie being set


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I have javascript code that is intended to set two cookies.

The first one in this assignment

document.cookie = 'TAscrollto=135; path=/; domain=; max-age=3600; '


and the second in this assignment:
document.cookie = 'TAscrollto=135; path=/; domain=; max-age=3600; CMscrollto=199; path=/

domain=; max-age=3600; '


The reason the first cookie is reproduced in the second assignment is the way my cookie manager utility works.

I am assuming that would not make a difference.


Both of these assignments are made just before the page reloads in call to window.location = (self processing php script). It is intended to test setting the div and textarea overflow to the figures registered in the cookies, on reload


The first cookie shows up in the browser preferences for viewing cookies. The second one does not, and

the behavior expected from the intended second cookie value is not evident.


Firefox 34.x on Mac OSX


Is there any reason visible in the strings assigned to document.cookie why the second cookie (CMscrollto) was not set?

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