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col width in css


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A working table which maintains a semblance of formatting as window width is changed from 50% to 100% of the usual landscape monitor is at


The code fragment that makes this work is


<col width="110px"/>
<col width="150px"/>
<col /> <!-- This column absorbs width change -->
<col width="40px"/>
<tr class="red">
<td>Alpha-male egoism, <i>machismo</i></td>
<td>Self propagating.</td>
The validator says <col width=...> is obsolete and airily adds, 'use CSS', without further suggestions. I can't find anything in CSS that does this without style statements in each table box, which seems exceedingly inelegant. What am I missing?
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You can give a class name to the <col> elements, but I'm not sure how well CSS is supported on them.


You can also give a class name to each cell of a column:

  <th class="instinct">Instinct</th>
  <th class="synonyms">Synonyms</th>
  <th class="utility">Utility</th>
  <th class="chap">Chap</th>

Then use CSS to give the widths:

.instinct {
  width: 110px;

.synonyms {
  width: 150px;

.chap {
  width: 40px;
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