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whitelist doesn't work


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I have a whitelist of pages, but it doesn't work.
If you visit a page (write.php) that is not on the white list, the browser isn't going to index.php. But this is not the intention.
I have five pages: products.php, contact.php, information.php, login.php and write.php
My whitelist is:

$whitelist = array("/folder/products.php", "/folder/contact.php", "/folder/information.php", "/folder/login.php");  
if (in_array($ip, $whitelist)) {
    //echo "You can access the whitelist page!";
} else {
	session_destroy ();
    header("Location: index.php");die();


My question is: how can I make the whitelist when you visit a page, that is not on the whitelist, that the browser go to index.php?

can someone help me?

thanks in advance.

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