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update database records with php/mysql

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I have a piece of code where I use MYSQL to add records into a database. Here I use INSERT, but I want to work with UPDATE.


The user selects records which have to be updated. The records have a unique number.


I hope people can help me how to convert MYSQL code into PHP.


The MYSQL code used in the console is this:

    UPDATE table_name SET input2='my input here ' WHERE rec_number = 2;

The part of the script I use looks like this:


    $name1 = $conn->real_escape_string($input1);
    $name2 = $conn->real_escape_string($input2);
							// $sql = "INSERT INTO $table (input1, input2    ) VALUES (' $name1 ', ' $name2 ')" ; // olde code
							//   $sql = "UPDATE $table SET input2, input1     WHERE rec_number = $rec_number_selected VALUES (' $name1 ', ' $name2 ')" ;
							 $sql = "UPDATE $table (input1, input2) VALUE    S (' $name1 ', ' $name2 ') WHERE rec_number = $rec_number_selected " ; 

Anyone any idea what the right code is in PHP?

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just so we are clear

 $sql = "UPDATE $table (input1, input2) VALUE    S (' $name1 ', ' $name2 ') WHERE rec_number = $rec_number_selected " ; 

this is not the right syntax for update ^

$sql = "UPDATE your_table_name SET input1='".$name1."' , input2='".$name2."' WHERE rec_number=".$rec_number_selected;

replace your_table_name with you table name ,i also assume you know how to connect to database and execute a query i also assume that input1 and input2 are fields on your database table. the variables should be sanitized ($name1 and $name2)or use a prepared statement check the link http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_prepared_statements.asp

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