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php emedded in html attributes/tags


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Hi WesleyA.

There are many websites which are dedicated for PHP coding. For example Tutorialspoint.com , codeacademy.com, and specially w3schools. You can get any possible information about PHP here.

Good Luck.

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I will give an example. The code is a loop, but it doesn't grab the column from the css style sheet.

    <?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 4 ; $i++ ) { 
    $var = $i;

    <span class="<?php $var; ?>"  >


     <?php  } ?>

changing $var in to something else or renaming the css classes does also not seem to work.


is the code as used above good? I'm not sure how to embed php in html attributes, what are the rules?

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Please bear in mind when you use inline techniques like these not to mix up your quote. if for instance you were embedding in somethign like <a href="http://www.'<?php echo $thelink; ?>' ">

Ooohhh no you wouldn't, you would only use single quotes to separate php string from php variable


echo '<a href="http://www.'.$thelink.'">';


With non php html inserting php using <a href="http://www.<?php echo $thelink; ?>"> is fine.

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