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FTP Connect Trouble "Online file-execution"?


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Hello W3S, yet Again i need some answers/tips on some ideas i have been wondering about?


First off, i am trying to make an "FTP" connection to my server online, from another server "that is also online".


The idea is that when a user on my PortFolio uploads a Picture to he's And/or her's account on the forum i have made, that specific Picture will be used as an avatar BUT! I want that specific image/Picture to be uploaded to the other server online so the images/Pictures that is being uploaded will not be stored at the actual server where the website server-files are at.


My question is now, which way is best to do this? Am i to be correct/assuming that i need to make an FTP connection to my other server BEFORE the image is being uploaded? Or is it after?


The main reason/idea of me asking is simple, i dont want the Space of the server-files to be used on Things that will just fill up over time, and since i already had a server online at the same time as the other one, i thought it would be useful to use the Space at that server instead?


Correct me if i am wrong "yet Again" please, but i could use some help with this "if anybody" had ever had the same idea etc? :)


Thanks in advance! :)


// rootKID :)

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sorry for the delayed respond. It is half-exam week in my school, long story. Anyhow, yeah it was... and worked perfectly! Thanks for the help! :D

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