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PHP to WebService using SOAP - Help Please


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Hi there


I'm an intermediate user of PHP, but have never needed to connect to a webservice before, and am having some problems. Hope someone can help


I have the following code to test connecting to the service;


$soapURL = 'http://xxx.xxx.xx.xx4/wsdl/wsdl' ;

$soapParameters = Array('login' => "xxx", 'password' => "1234") ;

$client = new SoapClient($soapURL, $soapParameters);




Which works fine and give me back the following;


array(6) { [0]=> string(35) "CallResponse Call(Call $parameters)" [1]=> string(59) "FieldManagerResponse FieldManager(FieldManager $parameters)" [2]=> string(56) "FixScheduleResponse FixSchedule(FixSchedule $parameters)" [3]=> string(44) "GeocodeResponse Geocode(Geocode $parameters)" [4]=> string(59) "ShowCallInfoResponse ShowCallInfo(ShowCallInfo $parameters)" [5]=> string(59) "WorkScheduleResponse WorkSchedule(WorkSchedule $parameters)" }


I now want to call the ShowCallinfo function which has 2 parameters, an integer 0, and a string 'CA12345' - and should return a set of data;


I have tried so many combinations I am going dizzy, and just can't get anything to work.


latest I have tried (immediately after the other code) are;


$result = $client->ShowCallInfo(0,'CA212345');

Which results in a SoapFault exception: [HTTP] Not Found in


Please can someone help??



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