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Hello, I am learning Angular and I am trying to create a more complex filter that replaces BBCode with the html tags, which works like this:



With no parameter, show the text with the BBCode converted to HTML tags.



If parameter "remove" is specified, then actually strip BBCode from text.


I use both at the same time in my html.


This is the simple code, but it doesn't work: the first IF is skipped. When I log 'isRemoved' it shows up as 'undefined' for all the occurrences of the expressions, including those with the 'remove' parameter specified.

			portfolio.filter('BBCode', function() {
				return function(input, isRemoved) {
					input = input || '';
					var output;
					if (angular.isDefined(isRemoved) && angular.equals(isRemoved, 'remove')) {
						output = input.replace(/\[(.*?)\]/g, '');
					} else {
						output = input.replace(/\[(.*?)\]/g, '<$1>');
					return output;						

Thank you for your help!

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