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Changing text color

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I'm trying to change the text color scheme of the following, plus i would also like to bold.

Web page displays (just text) but only (Update cart) is linked:


Update cart or


This is the code for above:

<input type="submit" id="update-cart" name="update" value="{{ 'cart.general.update' | t }}">



"cart": {
"general": {
"title": "Cart",
"update": "Update cart",
"or": "or",
"checkout": "Check out",
The "Check out" is a Button (I didn't include code, because I didn't want to change it)
I'm not sure what tag(s) I should use, I've tried <h3>, <h3 style>, <div>, <div style>, <span> and they all give me errors.
I'm editing within Shopify html editor, they use (.liquid) top code, and (.json) bottom code
Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks so much.
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FYI, first time dealing with js, css, liquid, ruby. I'm old school html 1 (haha), so please be kind.

I found my answer, but thanks for the inputs.

I've left this for someone else that might need it.

This code was found in (style.scss.liquid)

I found it by examining and searching for the id="update-cart"

*Remember I'm new at this*

#update-cart, .un-styled-btn {

background: none;

padding: 0;

display: inline;

color: #0000ff; (changed this to the color I wanted BLUE)

font-size: 18px;

font-weight: bold; (added this line for BOLD)

border: none;

outline: none;

margin-right: 1px;


This was a really neat little color code I ran across, don't mind sharing, works great!

<h1 itemprop="name""> {{ product.title }} </h1> (original code)

Wanted to change the color of the "product title", so I added style="color: #0000ff;

<h1 style="color: #0000ff; itemprop="name""> {{ product.title }} </h1>

Hope it helps,


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