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Difference between button and input type


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Hi guys,

I am a newbie with HTML5 and i have some questions: which is the difference between these tags?


1) <button type="button" onclick="function()>CIAO</button>
2) <input type="button" onclick="function()" value="CIAO">
3) <button type=submit>INVIA</button>
4) <input type="submit" value="INVIA">
According to me, 1) and 2) are the same thing (simple button).
Also 3) and 4) (a way to submit form).
Which form is used normally? Thanks
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That's been around since long before HTML 5.


The difference between <button> and <input type="button"> is that you're allowed to put elements inside the <button> tag. For example:

<button type="button">Click <strong>here</strong></button>

The same with <input type="submit"> and <button type="submit">.

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