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Need Help With My Event Page

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Hey guys/gals,


I am a bit of a coding dinosaur, and recently got back into html coding, and have slowly been developing my comedy groups website.


I've been slowly working with "css", and the list functionality


On my event page, I want to display rows of 3 events each, that will have a rounded rectangle background, and the information about each event (with a picture) enclosed within the rectangle.


You can find what I am working on at




My problem is that I need to:


1. Align the 3 events to the middle of the page, not to the right.

2. I want there to be some separation between each <li> . As you can see, they bleed into each other.


You should be able to view the source on my page.


Any help, suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated.

If you see some of my coding looks messy or I've put something in a bad spot, feel free to give me your opinion.


In the end, I want it to look like I have on this page, but without using Tockify.



I used to make pages back in the 90s and early 2000s with just HTML and a little java script, Im kind of getting back into all of this slowly.


Thanks a lot!

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