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Tricky javascript/CSS/jQuery for mouse click simulation needed


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Lets start with a (german) sample webpage which shows some data information:


Now when user click on a "+" sign right of one of the grey bars in the mid (e.g. right of "Aktuelles Portfolio")
then the content inside this section is expanded.

Unfortunately I cannot tell the webpage to always automatically expand this section when it is loaded.

So I need some javascript/CSS/jQuery statements in a Greasemonkey script to emulation/simulate such a mouse click.

Have a look at the following snapshot of Firebug inside Firefox:


You can see yellow hightlighted parameters which change when users click on the "+" and toogle expansion status.


How can I emulate/simulate these changes (=a mouse click) with Javascript/CSS?



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Thank you for the answer.


But: What excatly is a click handler?


The element in focus looks like:


<i class="ieon-expand accordion-icon pull-right"></i>


What is the corresponding click handler?


How do I execute such a click method from JavaScript?



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