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how to show online user

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I want to show online user in my project where 2 field in mysql table

1st onlinestoptime and 2nd onlinestarttime

when user login and online show in mysql onlinestoptime value null

and onlinestarttime value is timestamp (show time when user online like 09/04/2016 12:01:02)

my code here but not working

so How i done and show online user


$dt=date('Y-m-d h:i:s ');
echo $sql="SELECT *FROM mytable where onlinestoptime like '%%' and onlinestarttime<'$dt' ";
Thanks in advance
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If onlinestoptime is null then check for null, not a wildcard matching any string.


What is the data type of the onlinestarttime field, is it a text type like varchar or is a date/time type?


You really need to use prepared statements with PDO instead of the mysql extension, your code will not work in PHP 7.

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There's a PDO tutorial here, there are many others online if you do a search:




It looks like your query has a syntax error, but you're not checking for errors. With PDO you should set it up to throw an exception when there's an error so you can see them.

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