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load the xml file from the submited input value I mean xml file name


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Hi all ..... am a beginer in this field. its request anyone to help me....
I have 5000 pages as name 1.xml, 2.xml, 3.xml, ............. 5000.xml, so m trying to load the file name which sumited as value in input box.

// $page ='1.xml'; this is working
$page =$_POST['pagename']; //but why here not able to load from the given input value (file name)
$doc = new DOMDocument();
$contains = $doc->getElementsByTagName("contains");
foreach ($contains as $don) {
foreach($don->childNodes as $child) {
if ($child->nodeType == XML_CDATA_SECTION_NODE) {
echo $child->textContent . "<br/>";

<form action=" " method="post">
<input name="pagename" value=" "/>

<input type="submit" name="my_form_submit_button"
value="Click here to desire page"/>


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