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How do I create a running total using checkboxes?


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I have been running in circles on this.


The web page is to list a few check boxes and when clicked, a sum total should be displayed with each click.


[] 5

[] 7

[] 9


When 5 is checked then 5 is displayed.

Then when 9 is checked, then 14 is to be displayed.

Now if 5 is clicked again then 19 will be displayed.


A reset button will clear all checked boxes but I have that coded already.


I would rather not use an array but will consider it.
This should be only Javascript.and HTML.



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You dont need arrays for such tasks, try this

//using jQuery
        var total = 0;
           var disVal = $(this).val();
           total += Number(disVal);
           total = 0; //reset
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