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How to hide/remove this (dynamic, delayed?) <div> element?


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At first the the sample page (of german ebay). But I guess its a problem of ALL ebay auctions which are not finished yet:



I want to get rid of the ad-strip in the mid with the label "Käufer haben sich auch folgende Artikel angesehen"

The corresponding element looks like:

< div id="merch_html_100005">....</div>

I want to hide this stuff and setup a GreaseMonkey script with the following statement:

GM_addStyle("#merch_html_100005 { display: none !important; }");

,,,but it didn't work.
The inserted advertising pane does not vanish.

It seems to me that it is protected by javascript. Or loaded with delay of a couple of seconds.

So how else can I remove it?

With Javascript/jQuery or CSS?

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