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Onmouseover Event Not Working Properly


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if(trigger.getAttribute("onmouseover")) {
document.addEventListener("mouseover", function(event) {
if(event.target !== elem && event.target !== elem.parentNode) {
if(elem.style.opacity == 1)
}, false)

The code above is not working properly as it is supposed to. I have a trigger element which is event.currentTarget. When the user hovers over the trigger item the elem is display. What I am looking for is that when the user hover over anything else on the page except the trigger and the elem items the elem should fade out.


The code works fine when I use onmouseenter event; however, that is not supported in safari and some older versions of other browsers as well. Therefore, please help with this I have been stuck at this problem for days now and there is no good online resource for it as well. Thanks! in advance...



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