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WePro - My (w3schools) TryIt


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I've just created a really simple online editor for HTML, Javasacript and CSS in "w3schools tryit" style.

I call it WePro. The title stands for Web Programming, so, it doesn't mean I'm a pro developer.

Feedback are welcome as this is one of my lesson in learning web programming.


Please visit: WePro


Hit "Run" to execute. The Code area is draggable and you can toggle it by clicking the "WePro title above the page.


Is this any good?

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Please visit WePro. Click the 'book' icon (snippets). A list of some titles will show up, click one of the titles.

I want to get permission to include w3schools TryIt editor codes as snippet or a template for users to begin experiment.

I will try to contact w3schools author for this. Meanwhile, you can join me to improve WebPro or contribute some snippets.

WebPro was designed to be a learning tool for beginner programmers.


Any advice?



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This looks like a useful tool, with a pleasant modern user interface, simple and easy to use on first visit.


I would like to suggest one or two improvements:

  1. It would be useful to be able to save code as a .css or .js file - perhaps a choose file extension feature could be added?
  2. The position of the About and Snippets dialog boxes can be annoying - perhaps a way to move them around?

Meanwhile, I can't quite figure out how the timer snippet is meant to work - it seems to only produce a Stop button with no timer visible.


The basic editor is great though - these are minor concerns.

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thanks for the kind words, Dominic!


1. yes, it's doable.

2. I agree, their position is awkward indeed. I will think something to change that.

3. You can see the timer snippets result on the browser console. I will change that as well.


thanks again!

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