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How I can do this on My Website?

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I saw a website real-online-job.com it has an image "Click Here" targeted to referral url clixsense.com/?r=3669939, its easy but when we change main url to real-online-job.com/?r=5423128, image target also changes to clixsense.com/?r=5423128. I want this code for my website. Please help.


NOTE :- This is not a SPAM message. I really want to know about this thing, I had to give this links under my question for better understanding to all you helping guys. Admin can surely delete this message but please let me know the answer for this via email, if not possible here.

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The page has validation errors and is bloated with excessive scripting. It is likely the change is cause by sme scripting referring to the referral values or that the server side scripting is referencing it.


Trying to fix a page full of errors generally needs to start with the elimination of the errors, otherwise most of the effort is wasted, and the underlying instability may cause additional problems.

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@COBOLdinosaur, Thank you so much for your reply but I actually did not get your point. I want the same script. I want the process to make it happen on my webpages.

If I modify the main url, image target should also be changed. Please guide me further.

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