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How display the result of AJAX in an ASP form ?


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I use 2 forms

FORM 1 = input name => AJAX retrieves (from the database) the emailadress corresponding with the name

FORM 2 = processing of the data of FORM 1 - method="post" => sending the data in an email to the retrieved emailadress and inserting the data in a database table

=> sending email + inserting work fine.


I used the AJAX-examples from W3School AJAX Database getcustomer.asp (= separate .asp-file)


My problem :

How can I display this result of getcustomer.asp (= the little table : response.write X.name ... X.value) at any desired location on the screen / on a webpage ?

At the moment the table comes always on the top of the screen (in my FORM 1) and not below the input field of the name, where I want it.


How can I become this - what code do I use ?


Thanks for help - Leifoet











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