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Contact data in central db


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I post this here as a database issue/decision...


Working on this project where I am also tidying up a lot of data that was placed in many different places (some even offline, mostly contact data for customers). At the moment I am collating all the data in one mySQL table. Afterwards I will create a mini web admin interface to access the data, change details and/or delele as necessary.


However, one thing came up: Mailchimp is used to send newsletters which obviously means that there is another place with contact data where some might match the ones in central database. And there might be individuals who initially are only receiving newsletters and then change to become customer or the other way round.


As the sending and measuring requires the Mailchimp account am wondering if it is an idea to still match up data from Mailchimp somehow to the central database? It would be fab if one could see all contacts in one place and this would include the newsletter contacts also. However, it would be essential that the data stays up to date and does not involve manual copying/pasting. So, if one person signs up to newsletter there should also be automatically an entry in central db, if one unsubscribes this should be reflected in central db etc..


Not sure what is the best way forward... Does any of you have experience in streamlining things like this?


Son - lost :facepalm:

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