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Today I made a tutorial showing you how to check if a file or folder exists. This is useful to know before you copy or move stuff around using VbScript.


Here: http://therevisionist.org/software-engineering/qtpuft/1-vbscript-basics/14-vbscript-how-to-check-if-file-folder-exists/

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So I shouldn't share VbScript Tutorials I make from my website?


How would you prefer that the forum is used? I just want to follow the rules.


Thank you.

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The general guidelines are here:




When I see someone post an unsolicited link to their website, especially for something as basic as checking if a file exists, then it smells like advertising.


If you write a novel tutorial and want to promote it that's one thing, but a search for "vbscript fileexists" pulls up 80,000 pages. That topic has been covered, it's not necessary to produce new tutorials for a 20 year old language about how to check if a file exists.

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