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A javascript Tutorial for BenghaziGame :


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Hello & Thanks ,
A javascript Tutorial for BenghaziGame :
I just wanted to let you know that I have written a
javascript tutorial for my BenghaziGame ,
and to thank all you folks on this Forum
who have helped me to convert this game to javascript .
Benghazi Game is a shoot 'em up political satire browser game .
But instead of bullets ,
we throw cowpies at politicians when we see them lying .
How do we know when they are lying ?
When their noses turn into long carrot noses , they are lying .
The Tutorial game begins here :
I have also posted the whole Tutorial for download here :
My disclaimer:
I am going to let w3schools.com do most of the heavy lifting ,
and use their GameTutorial resources to do the explaining on specific keywords .
Here is a list of their web pages that we will be using:
and more as the need arises .


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