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AJAXy Form update problem (IE)

Guest lishevita

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Guest lishevita

I have little tool I'm working on so that non-techies can update information about projects on a Website. The information that they are updating is held in an XML file. When they get to the site, they see a dropdown menu with project names and then a bunch of textareas for them to fill out. When they pick a project from the menu, their is a call back to the server for the correct XML file, and then the xml nodes are plunked into the appropriate textareas for editting.Now, here's where it gets fugly. If we do this in Firefox, the internal x(ht)ml inside a given node is shown so that

<overview><h2>this is my code</h2><p>and here is some more</p><overview>

shows up as

<h2>this is my code</h2><p>and here is some more</p>

inside the "overview" textarea.However, if you are in IE the same thing shows up as

this is my codeand here is some more

inside the overview textarea.For testing purposes, I tried to pull the x(ht)ml into an alert, and I think that it is instructive that the text came out properly formatted, although without showing the tags. This suggests to me that the tags are there -- somewhere -- just not once you pass it into a textarea.Is it possible to get IE to bring over the tags and all into the textarea??Here's the line that is bringing the XML into the textarea...


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