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www.mywebsite.co.nz and mywebsite.co.nz display different


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Hey people out there!


I'm new to this place but i wondered if anyone has the same display issue i have my website is different depending on what i type


www.unclean.co.nz doesn't show the background as COVER which is a standard CSS3 rule e.g full height of browser


but unclean.co.nz displays it correctly


Its almost like the www is pointing to an old style sheet i uploaded ages ago


Any help would be so good!

I have contacted my Hosting provider as a backup


thanks everyone


Kind regards

Andy H



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The two domains seem to be using different sets of files. Your web host may have some sort of server-side caching going on.


The style.min.css file is different on both pages. unclean.co.nz was unable to load bootstrap.min.js.

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