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4 questions (CSS I believe) about a forum


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So, I started a ProBoards.com forum (they're free) and I'm using this theme (.pbt file) https://www.proboards.com/library/themes/item/2140


Now my two questions are (If it is even CSS and not HTML that has to be edited to fix it? Sry if this is the wrong forum section),


1 - On smaller than 1080p screens the right black sidebar on the forum won't display, how can I change the code so that it will fit to browser resolution?


2 - where in the code can I change the color of the red line under the buttons "Home", "Forum", "Help" etc on the bar on top of this theme?


3 - where can I center that bar on the website?

4 - and I'd like to remove the line below the forum sections when hovering with the mouse on them and instead would like the words to change to another color.

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HTML breaks website into different areas, with some element areas providing a specific function for example 'anchor element' which links to other website pages, anything to do with color changing, hide/show elements, positioning is presentational and therefore is CSS.

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