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Responsive html 5 resolution errors


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We are in the process of building a responsive webpage.


At gallery we encounter a problem where at certain resolutions (1280 x 800 for example) where the images on the gallery page do not arrange correctly.


This is the test page:



tested at this resolution gives page arrangement errors:



After trying different solutions - making 4 columns instead of 6, changing text length, changing text setups - we have no idea where the problem could be.


Can somebody help?


Thank you.





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That is because the images containers text is of different length. IF the LAST image container of a row is lower than its previous sibling container, the next row image container butts up the to previous row last container bottom edge, floats left until it encounters the right edge of the sibling whose height is greater and stops. You will have to make sure the image containers are of equal height allowing for all text length using min-height, OR maybe use display: flex; which should adjust height of all containers height to the largest automatically.

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