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Using mysqli_result instead of mysql_result!

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I don't know how to use "mysqli_result()" function, with general arguments.


In "mysql_result()" function, it was like this :- "mysql_result($query, 'row', 'feild')".


Here First argument is the "query",


Second argument is the specific "row" in the database,


Third argument is the "field name" of the row.


I don't know if the arguments are same for "mysqli_result()" or not, or maybe more arguments are included or excluded!!!!



Hey, I noticed the same question has been asked by so many different members!! in the Forum. Focusing to different use.


But one more thing I noticed that the actual implementation is not here,

Like "mysqli_result('argument1', 'argument2', 'argument3');".


Basically the implementation is quite simple, but heres the confusion thing, and thats the correct arguments, as I've show in most upper example!!?

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When in doubt, just look up the documentation. There's not a mysqli_result function:




There's a mysqli_result class though, which represents the result of a statement.



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Thnkx for the refrence, 'justsomeguy'.

Solved the issue though.

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