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string manipulation


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i want to do this :


declare @a nvarchar(30);

set @a = 'ssssss\ar12rvds\aaabbbccddd'; /*some name for example. Equal to the board name from vBoard4 view */


set @a = SUBSTRING(@a, (charindex('\', @a))+1,LEN(@a)) ; /*cut "ssssss\" */


set @a = SUBSTRING(@a, (charindex('\', @a))+1,LEN(@a)) ; /*Cut ar12rvds */


select @a as result; /* return aaabbbccddd only /*


o each name in


SELECT id, Name
FROM namesTB
how i do that?
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You can use those functions in the select list (most of them, not all functions available in stored procedures can be used in a normal query). Instead of selecting just the name, select the return value from transforming the name using whatever algorithm you want to use.

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