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I configured my Raspberry Pi as a LAMP server.

I have LEDs connected to my RP and can control them with c/c++ programs.


Now I want to built a web interface to control the colors of my LEDs.


For my first attempt I used JQuery to send different commands to a PHP script that would execute a program with the color as a parameter.

This doesn't seems to be the best solution, because I'm pretty limited on any effects I can make.


So my second idea was to use sockets to send information to my program.

This means my ledControler program listens for incoming commands and executes them.

For this I used Websockets, but since I didn't use a library for my c++ program, it was very painfull to implement the whole WebSocket RFC.


Another idea was to use PHP sockets. But I didn't test it out.


My question is, am doing this completely wrong? Is there a simpler preferred way to do this?

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Although I own a Raspberry Pi I have not messed with it much. I suspect that there are probably Raspberry-Pi-specific forums where you might find many more people who might know these answers.

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