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The JavaScript Reserved Words Article Needs Revision

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After doing some research, I found out that the JavaScript Reserved Words table in the JavaScript Reserved Words article needs to be revised. What I see is a merge between ES2 and ES5. I see "let" in the list, which wasn't added until ES5, yet has no asterisk. I also see keywords that are no longer considered reserved like "int", "long", and "native". So, if the asterisk indicates newly added words, then perhaps we should include a separate indicator for words that are no longer reserved or remove those words from the table entirely.


Here is a table summary of what I found




ECMAScript 1
ECMAScript 2
ECMAScript 5
ECMAScript 5.1

ECMAScript 6

Mathias Bynens' Blog


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I think the fastest way to contact the site owners is to click the "Report error" link at the bottom of the page and describe the problem there.

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