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confused and dazed

Webpage not exeuting fadeOut from my <link> .jquery library

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Hello internet.

I am trying to use the following code and my webpage is not accepting my fadeOut function I'm using <link> to grab the jquery library from my server.



$("div").click(function() {
However, if I replace
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.min.js"></script>
It works just fine.
Why is this?
1. I am placing jquery code within my <head> tags.
2. jquery.min.js is the 3.1.0 compressed file I have on my server

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If it is a link and you click it, it should show the jquery code from that link, if not! and comes up as error 404 not found. the path is not correct. The div fadeOut code as it is! MUST BE place below ALL div elements as well.

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I did some basic internet searching of the error I got clicking on the view source - inspect - .js link

the error is "Not allowed to load local resource" the answers were jquery is not allow to access your local files. I actually don't have it in my server I miss-spoke about about. I just have it in my local files. I'm sure you would have mentioned that had I not misled you. thanks for pointing out that I can use view source and click on links use inspect to view errors on that. THANKS!

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