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Javascript remote image viewing

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Hello, I would like to implement a Javascript applet to display a given frame of a multi-frame TIFF image on a webpage. The multi-frame TIFF image will be stored on a public Gdrive folder and I would like the applet not to download the whole file but only the specific frame to be displayed (for performance since the file will be very large). Is that enabled by the Gdrive API (which functions should be used?) and what Javascript libraries would be the most appropriate for the task?

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I don't know what the structure of TIFF files is, I'm thinking about the logistics of the file transfer. How do you plan to tell the server to only send you the bytes that correspond to the TIFF header in the file? You can send a range header to the server, but is the TIFF header always a specific size at a specific offset in the file? And, if the server doesn't support the range header, it's going to send the entire file anyway.

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