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To the developers of W3.CSS thank you so much for creating a platform that in my opinion, uses less code to create a web responsive site with bells and whistles built in.


I had hand coded a webpage template, but now that Google won't rank your site properly unless it is responsive, thus my template goes by the way of the 8-track. W3 provided the coding to make sites responsive, but that was still more time that I didn't have.


Then, came W3.css now I can replicate my template using W3css, THANK YOU!


my original template used layers via z index, placement via <div>, and in page css.


My query is what is the proper syntax and use for z index within W3.css and within the container, and can multiple layers be used with a container?


also can background images be used within W3.css? I see you have colors, what about images?


also can the rollover feature within W3.css be used with custom images, and for non menu?


based on replies, I will update your free template accordingly.


Thanks once again

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