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Needing to add spacing on all page anchor links

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I'm in need to alter the "landing"/on click position of all the sites page anchor links (<a name="name-here">). I have a sticky menu that cover the titles of the section being linked to. I was initially trying to style the "a name" but I'm not sure it that's possible.


So, if I were to have:


<a name="page-title"></a>

<h2>Title of Section Ect.</h2>

<p>Information about this sections and da, da, da....</p>



<a name="page-title2"></a>

<h2>Another Title of Section Ect.</h2>

<p>Some more Information about this sections and da, da, da....</p>


I'm wondering if I can do something in CSS to cover all "name." I'm able to add spacing to the top/before using:


a[name]:before {
margin-top: 75px;


...but then I'm just adding a fat gap before each section and it looks bad.


I can't go through and add an id and/class to all these links, it's just not possible at this point.


Hope this makes sense.


Any help and/or suggestions are greatly welcome.


Thanks in advance!


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You risk targeting anchor elements with a name attribute in future, if the name attribute value start with 'page-title' as in name="page-title" or name="page-title2" then you could use a[name^=page-title], else give them a specific class name to target more specifically to prevent such problems totally.

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