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Questions about PDO module, prepared statement.


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Hello W3SchoolsForums;


Question 1: Does the PDO module have to be installed on the server for the below query to work?


Question 2: Is the $dbh variable used only to assign to the $stmt variable or does it have an additional use?


$stmt = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO Customers (CustomerName,Address,City)
VALUES (:nam, :add, :cit)");
$stmt->bindParam(':nam', $txtNam);
$stmt->bindParam(':add', $txtAdd);
$stmt->bindParam(':cit', $txtCit);
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On older versions of PHP you have to enable the PDO extension to use PDO at all. Whether or not the server supports PDO doesn't affect individual queries though.


The page you linked to doesn't show it, but the $dbh variable would presumably be the PDO object itself. There are some examples here of creating a new PDO object:



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